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Audit Information

2016 Audit

State Auditor Withholdings

The 2017 audit has been turned in. results pending.

2018 audit update. approximately 75% prepared, cannot be turned in until results of 2017 are accepted by state auditor.

Town Council Meeting Dates

232 Main, Ordway, CO 

Upcoming Dates in 2020

May 26th

June 8th & 22nd

July 13th & 27th

August 10th & 24th

September 14th & 28th

October 26th

November 9th & 23rd

December 14th & 28th


Online database of municipal codes and ordinances

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New Council Information Coming Soon

The Council Work Session scheduled for October 14, 2020 has been cancelled.

Next Council Meeting, October 26, 2020

@ 6 pm.  


Contact Us:

Phone (719) 267-3134​

Fax (719) 267-3192

Library 719-267-3823

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Link to Crowley County Schools

Visit Us:

232 Main Street

Ordway, CO 81063

Medicaid Tranportation (non-emergency)

844-543-2525 (toll free)


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