February 10, 2020 Minutes

Regular Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2020

1. Call to order at 6:01 pm by Mayor Lisa Reisch

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call – Mayor Lisa Reisch was present; Trustees Pat Cole, Becky Aragon, Paul Romero, J.C. Watkins and Tony Moreland was present. ABSENT -Mayor Pro-tem Stacy Lovato.

Town Attorney, Anthony Perko was present by phone and Town Clerk Erika Watkins was present. Recorder stopped at this time. 6:04 pm

4. Agenda – Cole motioned to approve Agenda as is; Aragon seconded; motion carried 6-0.

5. Consent Agenda – the consent agenda consisted of the Treasurer’s Report and the Minutes from January 13th and 27th. There was no Library Report or Maintenance Report at this time. Council spent several minutes looking over the packet. Romero motioned to approve the Consent Agenda; Aragon seconded; motion carried 6-0.

6. Bills – Council spent several minutes looking over the bills. Watkins asked where we are with our Waste Connections discrepancies and trash tote count. I informed him that Ruth and I have been working to get this situation rectified. We will be addressing it more formally at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Cole motioned to approve the bills in the amount of $52,873.70; Moreland seconded; motion carried 6-0

7. Clerk’s Report – The Clerk asked council to take a few minutes to read over the report. She was concerned about a few sensitive issues that had come up at Town Hall this week and was not comfortable reading the report out loud. The Clerk requested approval for Micheal Trujillo to tutor her once a week at the rate $30/hr. The sessions are 1hr a week until her skills are more refined. Pat motioned to approve; Watkins seconded; motion carried 6-0. The Clerk also asked for approval to spend $240 on our Postage Permit to help bring down the costs of mailing out the new utility bills. Watkins motioned to approve request; Cole seconded; motion carried 6-0. The Clerk also requested to postpone the drawing of lots for the upcoming election. She asked to reschedule it toFebruary 24th. Cole motioned to approve request; Moreland seconded; motion carried 6-0.

8. Public Comment – Jerry Barber requested to speak. His comment was directed at Mayor Lisa Reisch. He was quite upset about a rumor about himself. He accused Mayor Reisch of telling his friends, Jerry Bob Buford and Diane Buford, that he had embezzled from his previous employer. He said something about there not being any money readily available in his last position. When Mayor Reisch tried to address his concern, he became agitated and defensive. He proclaimed that his friends would never lie, and he thought it was very wrong for her to say something like that. He also claimed it was a lie. Trustee Moreland then tried to engage Mr. Barber to further discuss his concern but was not successful. Mr. Barber commented that he was looking forward to seeing how I, the Clerk, ran my first real meeting but that he wasn’t going to stay and be attacked. He then firmly insisted that he did not need to explain himself and was leaving the meeting. Mr. Barber walked out the door but then returned moments later. He pointed his finger at Mayor Reisch and said, “I just want you all to know that she is sharing confidential information, about Joe Zemba, from your executive sessions”. Again, Trustee Moreland tried to engage Mr. Barber but was still unsuccessful. Mr. Barber exited the building proclaiming he was done. Mayor Reisch tried to clarify to Mr. Barber that any information that was shared about Joe came from the public session of the Special Meeting that was held as per Joe’s request. I do not believe Mr. Barber heard her comment. It was a very intense few moments. There were several comments made by council before they moved on t the next item for discussion.

9. New Business:

a. Davida Moreland – presented council with a flyer for the 2nd Annual First Responders Recognition and requested to reserve Conostoga Park for the event. Also requested donations from the Town. No dollar amount was suggested by council, but a motion was made to allow the event to proceed as planned. Moreland motioned; Watkins seconded; motion carried 6-0.

b. Animal Control Contract – Clerk requested authorization to begin working with Perko on an Animal Control Contract for Nick and Julie Stovall. Moreland motioned; Watkins seconded; motion carried 6-0.

c. IT Recommended Actions – Mobile Tech representative was unable to make the meeting and this item was tabled.

d. Move Public Hearing Date of Liquor Transfer License – original date was set for February 24th, which placed it outside our 30-day window for action. Council suggested that we move the Public Hearing to February 17 as a Special Meeting to maintain compliance with State regulations. Romero motioned; Watkins seconded; motion carried 6-0.

e. Jim Reeves – Mr. Reeves submitted floor plan for the renovations occurring at Feeling Saucy Cantina that include a bar area. He suggested that council needed to approve the plans to move forward with approval of liquor license. No action was taken. Mr. Reeves also informed the Council of his submission to HGTV Hometown Makeover. The winner of this contest will get a makeover.

f. Marijuana Transfer License – Council was advised by Perko that the application submitted by Medicine Man was sufficient and that a public hearing needs to be set to finalize the proceedings. Moreland motioned to set the Public Hearing date of March 9, 2020; Aragon seconded; motion carried 6-0.

g. HB 20-1019 – Clerk spoke on the requested support from our council to help the County Commissioners fight this bill that would close our private prison. The Clerk submitted several documents to council on the matter. Council had a lengthy conversation about the impact this would make on our community and requested that the Clerk send them all the template to acknowledge the Councils support. No other action was taken.

h. Clean Valley Recycling – Dee from CVR presented several documents to help her receive a letter of support that would help CVR apply for a grant. Pictures of our recycling area were presented; a sample letter was emailed to the Clerk; CVR representatives spoke of cardboard the value of cardboard dropping; representatives also claim that the Town only pays for one container although we have two and the grant would allow for a third container to be placed. Moreland expressed his desire to see a total of 4 containers at our location. Moreland motioned to allow Mayor Lisa Reisch to sign a letter of support for Clean Valley Recycle; Romero seconded; motion carried 6-0.

10. Old Business –

a. Jim Reeves – Historical Grant – Mr. Reeves is wanting to know where we stand on being the Administrator to his Historical Grant and Perko expressed that he has confirmed that verbiage in the lease agreement for the grant can be written in a way that will keep the Town from being held liable moving forward. Watkins motioned to proceed with the next step with the historical grant; Romero seconded; motion carried 6-0.

b. Jim Reeves, Power Purchase Plan – Mayor Reisch has received no word from Black Hills Energy on this matter. Mr. Reeves suggested a proposal to move forward with lease agreement from Wonder Funding. Agreement would create a 15% reduction in energy costs for the Town and tax incentives. 2 acres of solar panels would create 1 megawatt of power. Watkins motioned for Perko and Reisch to look over documents; Romero seconded; motion carried 6-0.

11. Attorney’s Report – no comment

12. Trustee’s Report – Cole reported that she is actively working on the Summer Festival Committee, The Car Show, First Responders, Crowley County look-alike contest, and Crypt Keeper. She requested to be put on the February 24th agenda to discuss the Crypt Keeper contract.

Aragon reported that she feels like she is being impeached. Due to some staffing issues, she feels she was not given the proper notice to protest her recall.

Romero has no report

Watkins report – Watkins would like to know where we stand on creating a Payment Plan Standardized Form for when we need to enter into a payment agreement with a resident.

Watkins also expressed his desire to have a Confidentiality Agreement in place for Town Hall employees and Council members. Perko stated that The Town already has one in place in our Employee Handbook. Watkins responded with an okay. He also spoke of looking into recycling services for plastic and aluminum and was asking if it would be cost effective. The council spoke on this subject briefly and it was suggested to look around the surrounding areas for bids on this subject.

Moreland Report – Moreland identified the members of the Summer Festival Committee as Terry, Rick, Pat, Davida, and himself. Moreland took a moment to reassure The Town that its employees will not be forced to run the event this year. He is confident that the Summer Festival Board will be the ones to handle everything. Moreland also wants to look into curb side recycle services Council had a very lengthy discussion about the benefits and availability of said service. I believe we will be looking for bids on the in the future.

13. Mayor’s Report:

Mayor Reisch directed the council to read the staff statements about an ongoing situation with Phillip Buford and Jerry Barber. Lisa has a letter of response she would like to submit to the Ordway New Era to address the severity of this situation. The council and attorney spoke at length on how to proceed appropriately and effectively. Perko and council members are in support of pursuing legal actions against Phillip and Jerry. Moreland motioned to pursue legal actions; Aragon seconded; motion carried6-0.

14. Executive Session –

Moreland Motioned to enter executive session to discuss detaisl of an investigation protected by C.R.S. Section 24-402-(4)(d); Aragon seconded; motion carried 6-0.

Council entered executive session at 7:35 pm.

Aragon motioned to exit executive session; Moreland seconded; motion carried 6-0.

Council exited executive session at 7:45 pm.

15. Meeting Adjourned at 7:47 – Moreland motioned; Watkins seconded; motion carried 6-0.


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