January 13, 2020 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2020

1. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Lisa Reisch at 6pm.

2. Members present include Mayor Reisch, Mayor Pro-tem Stacey Lovato and Trustees Pat Cole, Becky Aragon, Paul Romero, Tony Moreland, J.C. Watkins.

3. Amend Agenda to move Bills – Cole motioned to approve, seconded by Lovato; motion carried 7-0

4. Strike Agenda - Pat Cole motioned to strike the Agenda, Moreland seconded; motion carried 7-0

5. Agenda Approval – Lovato motioned to approve agenda; Romero seconded; motion carried 7-0

6. Bills – Cole motioned to approve the bills; Lovato seconded; motion carried 7-0

7. Executive Session – Cole motioned to go into executive session for Personnel Issues, Moreland seconded; motion carried 7-0 *C.R.S.24-6-402(4)(f)

8. Executive Session – Aragon motioned to come out of executive session, Watkins seconded; motion 7-0

9. Ordinance No. 547 – Cole motioned to approve second reading; Moreland seconded; Motion carried 7-0

10. Meeting adjourned just before 10pm


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