January 27, 2020 Minutes

1. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Lisa Reisch at 6:02 pm.

2. Members present include Mayor Reisch and Trustees Paul Romero, Pat Cole, Tony Moreland, and J.C. Watkins. Memebers absent include Mayor Pro-tem Stacey Lovato and Trustee Becky Aragon.

3. Amend Agenda - Cole motioned to add Legal Advice to Executive session; Moreland seconded; motion carried 5-0

4. Amended Agenda Approval – Watkins motioned to approve agenda; Cole seconded; motion carried 5-0

5. Consent Agenda – Moreland motioned to approve consent agenda; Cole seconded; motion carried 5-0

6. Bills – Romero motion to approve bills in the amount of $26,497.57; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

7. Clerks report – Erika spoke about the Water Works transition; what Joe had accomplished in regards to the upcoming election; spoke of time put in to get up to speed with the election process; spoke about PACFA; requested a tutor to improve her computer skills; spoke of some IT recommendations; Erika requested special operating hours until a hire could be made Moreland motion to temporarily change Town Hall hours; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

8. Public Comment- none

9. New business

a. Set Recall Date for Becky Aragon – petition was found to be suffice and no protest was entered therefore Council set the Recall Election date for April 7, 2020. Cole motioned; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

b. Resolution 2019-07, CIRSA Agreement – Cole motioned to approve; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

c. Resolution 2019-08, CIRSA Loss Control Standards – Cole motioned to approve; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

d. Resolution 2020-01, Water Consumption Adjustment – Cole motioned to approve; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

e. Resolution 2020-02, Set 2020 meeting dates and Public Posting – Cole motioned to approve; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

f. Resolution 2020-03, Mail Ballot Election – Cole motioned to approve; Moreland seconded; motion carried 5-0

g. Joseph Madrill – Mr. Madrill spoke to the council on the wrong doings of Felicia Whately and the tampering of his account. Felicia was a former tenant of Mr. Madrill as wellas a former employee of Town Hall. Mr. Madrill explained in detail of the situation he has found himself in. He humbly requested the forgiveness of the water bill left at 316 Colorado (his rental property) by Felicia Whately. Moreland motioned to forgive the balance at 316 and 318 Colorado, both belonging to Mr. Madrill; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

10. Old Business – Jim Reeves – Submitted more documentation to support his request for the Town of Ordway to be the Administrator for his grant.

11. Trustees Report – Each Trustee took turns asking about topics in the Clerk’s report.

12. Mayors Report – Mayor Reisch conveyed her a support for altering the hours of Town Hall temporarily.

Mayor Reisch suggested that we start the proceedings for a meter-tamper fine and an ordinance clearly defining this. Erika has started to gather information on this.

Mayor Reisch than authorized Erika to begin talks with Julie and Nick Stoval to take on Animal Control for the Town of Ordway. We would like this to be a contracted position. Erika will begin this project immediately.

Mayor Reisch then asked council to consider promoting Erika to the clerk position and a raise equaling $18.00/hr, in which council agreed to. Moreland motioned; Romero seconded; Watkins abstained from the vote. Roll Call vote: Cole - YES; Moreland - YES; Reisch - YES; Watkins – ABSTAINED; Romero – YES motion carried 4-0

Mayor Reisch asked to increase Treasurer Froman’s pay to $21.00/hr; Moreland motioned; Romero seconded; Roll Call vote: Cole – YES, Moreland – YES, Reisch – YES, Watkins – YES, Romero – YES; motion carried 5-0

Mayor Reisch asked council to approve an expenditure from our Community Banks account in the amount of $40,000 to be donated to the Crowley County Rec Board and the Ordway Volunteer Fire Department. Reisch explained the need of our firefighters to have adequate bunker gear. She also expressed our decline in support for our Crowley County Rec sports. She asked that the council give the fire department $37,000 and the Rec board $3,000. Tony motioned to approve this request; Watkins seconded; motion carried 5-0

Watkins motioned to enter into Executive Session to discuss an investigation (C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(4)(d)); Cole seconded; motion carried 5-0. Time was not documented.

Clerk was excused from meeting


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